STE consulting

Companies looking for assistance in implementing STE are encouraged to use our team and take advantage of our individual STE consulting services adapted to your unique needs.

Argos can help you by providing proofreading, editing and technical writing services as well as many types of consultancy to facilitate and support your documentation and translation workflow and systems. Some of our customers ask us to proofread their first manual written in STE, or to rewrite a manual for reference purposes. We can also help you to leverage your STE dictionary by making it multilingual, thus giving you optimum control over documentation to be translated.

Technical Writing:
Argos can also create manuals from scratch or based on a template provided by you.

Creation of multilingual glossaries:
To make optimum use of your newly documented terminology, we can translate part or all of it into your target languages. This will give you optimum control over subsequent translations.


Post STE services

Implementing STE requires multiple steps to restructure your content, introduce new rules
or guidelines and optimize your CMS. Argos offers you all elements essential to a successful
implementation of STE:

  • Training
  • Dictionary building
  • Checker software
  • Customization
  • Integration
  • Rewriting
  • Editing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Consultancy
STE Training

Argos Translations offers professional STE trainings that can be organized at your facility only for your staff, or at a separate location where multiple companies participate. Find out more about our STE trainings.

Dictionary Building

Our STE experts can help you build large, complete and correct dictionaries for use in your technical writing process. The average size of a custom dictionary is approx. 2000 words and requires proper development for effective future use. Upon completion, all dictionaries developed by our experts are handed back to the client for their ownership and control.

Furthermore, we will help you with terminology (Technical Names and Technical Verbs) that are company-specific and must be established in addition to the general vocabulary.

We can also perform text mining on existing documentation to find company-specific terms for use in your dictionary and to comply with STE's norms, as STE only allows the use of approved (i.e. documented, unique and unambiguous) words: one word – one meaning.

Checker Software

For clients interested in training in the use of professional checker software, Argos' STE experts can also help:

  • determine, which application is most suitable for your business and type of content
  • implement and adjust the software to correctly survey your content
  • guide you through the use of the checker software to deliver the most effective results

Our lead trainer has over 10 years of experience in implementing STE for global organizations. We have the necessary know-how to customize your processes and tools in ways that maximize STE's benefits for your company.

STE is a standard that can fine-tune your technical writing process. Make sure that STE is exactly tuned to meet your goals by having our STE experts prepare customized solutions for your business.


Argos can help integrate STE to comply with your remaining industry standards. Use our expertise to help you integrate STE with your:

  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Translation Management Systems (TMS)
  • DTP/Print/Publishing workflows
  • industry-specific applications that your company uses on a daily basis

Ready to take advantage of STE?

If you want to start saving over 25% of your translation costs and reduce your publishing costs by 30% or more with STE, contact us today!